Basic Structural Geology & Structural Styles

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2019-06-15 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-08-03 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
2019-11-02 00:00:00 Turkey

 Course Objectives:

This course presents the structural models of common trap forming structures. This course provides a strong fundamental background in structural geology of the various tectonic settings. It covers common structural styles in sedimentary basins as well as the plate tectonics and sedimentary basin formation and classification. It also serves the mechanisms of rock deformation for each structural style.

Course Outline:

*  Introduction.

*   Overview of rock properties, mechanics & stress regimes.

*  How structural geology relates to geology ?

* Objectives of structural geology & scope of application to exploration programs.

*  Mechanical principles ( materials, force, litho-static / confining pressure, stress & its calculation, deformation etc…. ).

*   Plate tectonics & basin classification.

*  The significance of cross – sections.

*       The significance of seismic profiles.

*  Structural styles & exploration problems for compressional and extensional styles.

*   Folds types & their description.

*  Mechanics dynamics & causes of folding.

*  Joints.

*  Measuring the strike and dip of faults.

*    Criteria for recognizing faults (reverse vs. thrust faults).

Who Can Benefit?

* All geoscientists and engineers involved in exploration and production.