Strategic Marketing

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2017-06-23 00:00:00 Casablanca
2017-07-09 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-10-08 00:00:00 Dubai

§ To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of marketing strategies and techniques which have been proven to work in organizations large and small

§ To grasp and practice the essential skills in the areas of:

o   Strategic planning

o   Product development

o   Pricing strategies

o   Promotional strategies

To give non marketing personnel exposure to best practice when developing strategies to launch and promote products and services.

§ To ensure that attendees are abreast of the latest thinking in marketing

§ Speak confidently at a senior level about marketing strategies

§ Represent yourself and your organization well when instructing marketing agencies and suppliers

§ Identify the most appropriate marketing strategies and tactics for each product or service in your organization’s product range

Course Outline:

§ Strategic Marketing Planning

§ Marketing defined

§ Role of Marketing in the Organization

§ Vision and Mission from a marketing perspective

§ Alignment with the company’s aims and objectives

§ The marketing process

§ The 7 Ps of Marketing

§ Strategies vs. Tactics

§ Developing a Customer-Led Approach to Marketing

§ Market research and gathering market intelligence

§ Getting inside the mind of the buyer

§ Developing a USP which matters to the buyer

§ Understanding trends and anticipating customer wants and needs

§ Market Segmentation and Positioning

§ Strategies for marketing to consumers, organizations and resellers


§ Expanding the Marketing Mix

o   Product

§ New product development

§ Developing a range of products

§ Understanding the product life cycle

§ Developing strategies for different stages of the life cycle

§ Branding decisions

§ Packaging and labelling

o   Price.

§ How your price positions you in the mind of the buyer

§ Pricing strategies and decisions

§ Considerations when choosing a price: product mix, promotional pricing, geographical pricing

o   Place

§ Selecting the right distribution channels

§ Selling though retailers, wholesalers and other resellers

§ Selling directly to consumers

§ Using the internet to sell products and service

o   People

§ People are our greatest asset’ – why people are included

§ Using your staff to convey the company brand values

§ How Marketing relates to Human Resources and Customer Service

o   Process.

§ Taking a marketing led approach to internal processes and systems

§ Making your process your USP

o   Physical Evidence.

§ How to show evidence of the quality of your product or service

§ Using case studies and testimonials

§ Getting third party endorsements of your product or service

o   Promotion:

§ Selecting the right promotional strategies

§ BTL and ATL marketing activities

§ Advertising

§ Direct Marketing

§ Direct Sales

§ Internet Marketing

§ Public Relations

§ Referral Strategies

§ Sales Promotion

§ Social Media

                           o   Writing the Marketing Plan

§ What goes into a strategic marketing plan

§ How to plan a promotional campaign

§ How to get internal support for your plan

Who Should Attend?

§ Persons who would like to

§ Develop their strategic planning  

§ Creating successful product and services

§ wider understanding of marketing and strategic planning

§ wish to move into a sales and marketing management position