Advanced Negotiation Skills

Place- الموعد Date - المكان
2017-04-09 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-08-13 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-12-10 00:00:00 Malaysia

Who Should Attend?

§ Deal makers at all levels, managers, sellers and buyers.

Course Objectives

§ learn how to effectively plan a negotiation

§ Understand the critical role of the Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement& Zone Of Potential Agreement

§ explore techniques for overcoming deadlock

§ learn how to deal with difficult people

§ learn the tactics employed by top negotiators

§ understand how to deal with dirty tricks

§ The opportunity to improve your planning and objective setting

§ The ability to better assess the other party's needs and try to obtain Win outcomes

§ An understanding of why deadlock occurs, and how to get around it.

§ The opportunity to practice, using the tools provided, in realistic negotiation exercises that will help you understand their effectiveness

§ A development plan that identifies future objectives for you to improve your negotiation outcomes

Course Outline:

§ The Basic Skills Of Negotiation

§ What Is 'Advanced Negotiation

§ The Five Outcomes Of Negotiation

§ Negotiating Styles

§ The Climate For Negotiations

§ Planning To Perfection

§ The Elements Of A Negotiation Plan

§ How To Identify The Key Goals

§ Can You Identify Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

§ Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement Rules In Negotiation

§ The Role Of  Zone Of Potential Agreement

§ How To Expand The Zone Of Potential Agreement

§ Deadlock & How To Overcome It

§ Your Style In Conflict Situations

§ Rights, Power & Interest In Your Negotiations

§ Dealing With Difficult People

§ Some Tactics Of Top Negotiators

§ Dirty Tricks & How To Handle Them