An Effective Marketing Plan

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2017-02-19 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-07-16 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-10-15 00:00:00 Casablanca

Who Should Attend?

§ All new marketing personnel looking to gain clear understanding of

the core concepts of marketing and how they can apply them in changing business world.

 Course Objectives

§ To help delegates understand the importance of marketing in today's highly competitive marketplace

§ To understand the importance of situational analysis and market research, as a base for preparing a successful marketing plan

§ To understand the different marketing strategies available and how to apply them

§ To be able to develop the right marketing mix to support the overall marketing strategy and objectives

§ To understand the components of a marketing plan, and formulate one that is specific to each delegate's business

§ To know how to implement and measure the success of a marketing plan

§ A clear understanding of the art of marketing and the impact of marketing strategies

§ New approaches to marketing and how they will link to achieving the company's overall strategic objectives

§ Your own draft marketing plan to take back and implement at work

Course Outline:

§ Marketing

§The Difference Between Sales & Marketing

§Defining The Marketing Mix

§Defining The Market

§Market Segmentation

§ Defining the Product

§Marketing Objectives

§ What Is Strategy?

§ Organizational Mission & Corporate Objectives

§ Situation Analysis

§Marketing Environment

§Micro & Macro Issues

§The Consumer

§ Customer Focus

§Types Of Buyers

§  The Buying Decision Process

§Market Research

§ Types Of Market Research
§ Sampling Methods

§ Product - Service Positioning

§ GAP Analysis

§ The Product Lifecycle

§ Effects Of Extension Strategies

§ Product Portfolio

§ Extended Boston Consulting Matrix

§ Competitive Forces

§ Competitive Positions

§ Competitive Strategy

§ Competitive Advantage / Unique Selling Proposition / Points

§ Developing The Right Marketing Mix

§ The Product

§ Sequence For New Product Development

§ Time Adoption Of Innovations

§ Reasons Why Products Fail

§ Brands

§ What Is A Brand?

§ The Branding Process

§ Review Of The Marketing Mix

§ Some Reasons For International Failures

§ Forecasting & Financial Analysis

§ Market Sales Potential & Forecasting

§ Cost Benefit Analysis

§ Marketing Budget

§ Implementation
§ Process

§ Strategy Vs Tactics

§ Evaluating Success

§ Controlling & Evaluating

§ Measuring Success Using Metrics

§ The Marketing Plan