Process Management Mapping and Improvement

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2015-03-21 00:00:00 Beirut
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Who Can Benefit?

§Individuals involved in improvement projects, processes identification, work design, productivity improvement or quality auditing initiatives.

Course Objectives:

§Understand process definitions and importance of processes in their organization.

§Examine elements of a business process.

§Develop process maps and measure performance.

§Conduct process assessments for core, support and linkage processes.

§Analyze, simplify and improve processes.

Course Outline:

§ Process Definitions and Elements

§  Process

§ Process Approach to Improvement

§ Advantages of Process Mapping

§ Elements of a Process

§ Benefits of Process Maps

§ Attributes of a Process Map.

·      Who Is the Customer?

·      What Is Critical to their Satisfaction?

·      Where Can we Obtain Process Performance Data?

·      How Well Do our Processes Satisfy their Needs?

·      What Is our Business Value Chain?

·      What Is Process Efficiency and Effectiveness?

·      Stakeholders Analysis

§Understanding Process Approach as per International Quality Standards

§ Understanding Process Approach

§ Process Characteristics

§ The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Approach

§ Opportunities in Terms of Reducing Cycle Time, Defects and Non Value-Added

§ Process Assessments Approaches

·      Key Terms

·      Mapping Process

·      Types of Mapping Tools


§Simple Flow Charting

§Geo Graphs, Spaghetti/Workflow Diagrams

§Swim Lane (Deployment) Flowcharts

§Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer Charts (SIPOC- Six Sigma Projects)

§Value-Added/Non-Value Added Analysis

§Value Stream Maps

§Cycle Time Map

§Process Hierarchy

§Process Maps Symbols

§IDEFO Process Map

§Non Value-Added Analysis

·      Lean Thinking to Reduce Waste in Processes

·      The Eight Types of Waste Found in Processes

·      5S – A Framework to Create and Maintain your Workplace

·      Failure Mode and Effects

·      Analysis (FMEA)

§ Process Analysis and Improvement

·      Customer Oriented Processes

·      Support Oriented Processes

·      Management Processes

·      Diagnosis of a Process

·      Analyzing and Improving a Process

·      Turtle Diagram

·      Using Process Maps to Identify Root Causes

·      12 Cornerstone Tools to Process Streamlining

·      Problem-Solving Techniques

·      Process Auditing as a Tool for Continuous Improvement

·      Process Mapping in Six Sigma Projects

§ Process Measurement and Benchmarking

·      Why Measure

·      Setting Targets

·      Process KPIs

§ Benchmarking and the Balanced Scorecard