Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures

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2015-04-19 00:00:00 Dubai
2015-08-16 00:00:00 Cairo
2015-12-20 00:00:00 Turkey

Who Can Benefit?

§Managers, supervisors and employees who are involved in the design, simplification, or are end users, of procedures.

Course Objectives:

§ Analyze the basic concepts and steps in work simplification.

§ Practice the use of flow charts, office layout charts and work distribution charts.

§ Simplify complicated procedures.

§ Analyze and distribute work allocated to employees in an organizational unit.

§ Justify how the simplification of work procedures increases individual and organizational productivity.

Course Outline:

§The Management Process in Perspective

·      Planning the Work

·      Organizing and Allocating Resources

·      Types of Plans

·      Directing and Controlling Individual and Organizational Performance

·      The Organizing Function/Process

·      Principles of Organizing

·      Designing Organizational Charts

·      The Direct Link between Charts and Procedures

§Policies and Procedures

·      Definitions and Concepts

·      Signs of Complicated Procedures

·      Importance and Goals of Procedures

·      Work Simplification Goals

·      Procedure for Developing Effective Procedures

·      Productivity Defined

§Work Flow Techniques

§The Parallel and Sequential Techniques

§The Stages of Work Simplification.

·      Selection of Procedure

·      Collecting Data

·      Data Analysis and Evaluation

·      Suggestions for Improvement

·      Implementation

·      Follow-up and Evaluation


§The Use of Flow Charts in Simplification of Procedures

§Info Processing Flow Charts

§Simple Process Flow Procedure Charts

§Multi Column Flow Process Charts

§Preparing and Analyzing Flow Charts

§Simplifying Procedures and Recommending Changes

§Lean Principles to Simplify Processes

§Mapping/Analysis Tools for Simplification of Processes and Procedures

·      Process Mapping

·      Value Stream Mapping

·      Supplier Input-Process-Output-Customer Analysis (SIPOC)

·      Turtle Diagram

·      Shell ESSA Model for Simplification

·      Swim Lane Charts

·      Procedures Process Flow Chart

·      The Multi-Column Process Chart

·      Questions to Get you Started

·      Simplification of Procedures to Improve Productivity

·      Reducing Wastage in Human Effort, Time, Space and Material

·      Improving Employees’ Efficiency and Effectiveness

§Concept and Importance of Work Simplification

·      Preparing and Analyzing a Work Distribution Chart

·      Reallocation of Workload and Redistribution of Jobs

§Simplifying Space Design and Layout

·      Your Office/Department Layout Analysis

·      Using Spaghetti Diagram for Analyzing Distance/ Department Layout

·      Redesigning Offices by Using Office Layout Charts

·      Simplification of Office Paperwork

§Simplifying Forms in Processes

·      Reviewing Forms Structure

·      Improving Efficiency of Forms