Mastering Presentation Skills

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2017-03-12 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-08-13 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-11-12 00:00:00 Malaysia
 Who can benefit?

·        All employees and managers who need to make effective oral presentations to others..

Course Objectives:

§ Practice the basic techniques and skills necessary to design dynamic presentations.

§ Structure and build effective presentations.

§ Develop greater confidence in speaking publicly.

§ Acquire the qualities of a dynamic presenter and ways for sustaining them.

§ Deliver a winning presentation and interact with the audience.

Course Outline:

§ Public Communication

·         What is Communication? What is Model S-M/M-R?

·         What is Presenting?

·         What is Public Speaking?

·         What are the Differences Between Presentations and Public Speeches?

·         Ethical Issues in Presentations and Public Speeches

§ Qualities of a Dynamic Presenter

·         The Key Characteristics for Dynamic Speakers

·         Building Confidence from Start to Finish

·         4-Step Communication Process

·         The Importance of Listening When Presenting

§ The Anatomy of a Presentation

·         Selecting an Effective Topic

·         Specifying a Purpose

·         Building a Central Idea

·         Beginning and Ending Presentations with a Bang

·         Writing an Easy to Follow Outline

§ The Preparation Stage

·         Researching the Subject

·         Analyzing the Audience

·         Organizing the Presentation for Impact and Coherence

·         Rehearsing Techniques: The Importance of Dry Runs

·         Venue Preparation: Murphy’s Law

§ Public Speaking Anxiety (PSA)

·         Nervousness Is Normal

·         Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

·         Physical and Psychological Roots

·         Dealing with and Controlling Nervousness

·         Creating a State of Fearlessness

§ Delivering the Presentation

·         Semiotics and Kinesics

·         The Presenter’s Verbal Characteristics

·         The Presenter’s Non-Verbal Characteristics

·         Types and Use of Visual Aids

·         Handling Questions and Answers