Technical Report Writing

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2017-02-19 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-07-16 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-10-15 00:00:00 Casablanca

Who Can Benefit?

§  Managers

§  supervisors

§  anyone who wish to improve their technical writing competencies

Course Objectives:

§  Adopt a writing style that meets the expectations of the reader

§  Communicate clearly and concisely

§  Show a positive and professional image

§  Demonstrate – through practical example- learning principles of outlining and organizing different types of technical reports.

§   Demonstrate – through practical example- the ability to adapt content and detail to suit different levels of readership.

§  Demonstrate – through practical example- a full- scale understanding of the standards of effective writing craftsmanship

Course Outline:

§   Introduction and Overview

§   Putting technical Writing where it belongs

§   Better writer, Better Engineer

§   (10) Dysfunctional things that may destroy your credibility as a technical writer .

§  Types & Purposes of technical reports

§  Technical / reports vs. other types of reports (financial / legal / medical / business)

§  The specific requirements of technical writing.

§   Factual reports/ Analytical reports/ Instructional reports/ Leading reports.

§   An analysis of your own writing habits:

§  Why technical reports are difficult to write?

§  The "Peon Complex and arbitrary guidelines"

§  Factors that influence your own on-the-job writing

§   What does it mean to write effectively?

§   Good writing, vs. effective writing

§   The 12 Cs of effective writing

§  Organizing your report    (descending vs. ascending approach).

§   Stages of report preparation & writing

§    How to engineer you technical report?

§  Anatomy of a technical report

§   Illustrative techniques & computer assisted applications that add power to report presentation.

§  Using the FOG"INDEX" in measuring readability and economy of your writing