Advanced Human Resources Management

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2017-02-05 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
2017-07-02 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-10-01 00:00:00 Malaysia

 Who can benefit?

§ Human Resources managers and senior professionals

Course Objectives:

§ List the main cycles in Human Resources and the critical steps in each.

§ Define strategic HR management and draft an HR strategy.

§ Explain the vital signs which should be constantly monitored in Human Resources.

§ Quantify employee morale and determine a formula for calculating it objectively.

§ Differentiate between types of turnover and determine how each should be calculated.

§ List the main types of performance management and appraisal rating systems and how and when to use each.

Course outline.

§ The Main Cycles in Human Resources Management

·         HR Strategy Cycle

·         Recruitment and Selection Cycle

·         Training and Development Cycle

·         Performance Management Cycle

·         Compensation and Benefits Cycle

§ Strategic HR Management

·         Situation Analysis

·         HR Visions and Missions

·         HR Strategic Goals

·         Critical Success Factors in HR

·         Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators

·         Core Competencies and Core Values

§ Measuring Human Resources

·         Measuring HR Strategies: The Main KPIs

·         Human Resources versus Human Capital

·         Return on Human Capital (ROHC) and Cost of Labor (COL)

·         Human Value Added (HVA) and Profit per Employee (PPE)

·         Employee Morale and Employee Satisfaction Indexes

·         HR Scorecards and Dashboards

§ Employee Turnover

·         Turnover versus Attrition (Gross and Net Turnover)

·         Analyzing Turnover: How Should the Data be Interpreted?

·         Healthy versus Unhealthy Turnover: When Is Turnover Good for the Organization?

§ Managing Employee Performance

·         Tangible versus Intangible Appraisal Systems

·         Samples of Best (and Not So) Practices

·         Management by Objectives (MBO) Systems

·         Competency-Based Appraisals

·         180 degree and 360 degree Systems

·         Forced Ranking and the Bell Curve: Advantages and Warnings