Strategic Human Resource Management

Place- الموعد Date - المكان
2017-02-19 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-07-16 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-10-15 00:00:00 Casablanca

 Who Can Benefit?

§ HR Managers

§ Training Managers

§ Organisation development practitioners

§ Human resource development managers

Course Objective:

§ Describe the purpose of HRM and identify the objectives commonly set to achieve this purpose

§ Summarize the activities associated with how employers obtain, develop, utilize, evaluate, maintain and retain the appropriate numbers and types of employees

§ Determine the HR responsibilities.

§ Describe job analysis and job descriptions

§ Describe some of the major day-to-day activities associated with HRM.

§ Examine the common provisions of a collective agreement and explain its impact on HRM

Course Outline:

§ Competitive HR Strategies

§ Approaches to Planning and Implementation

§ Functional HR Effectiveness

§ Policy and Program Requirements

§ HR Metrics and Evaluation

§ Measures and Procedures for Assessing Impact