Coding systems and methods of the inventory items

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2019-03-10 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-06-16 00:00:00 Turkey
2019-08-17 00:00:00 Cairo

 Who should attend?

§ Managers, technical and administrative supervisors who are controlling the units of the inventory and the specialists of the inventory processing electronic units.

Course objectives:

§ Distinguishing the inventory commodity items to facilitate the process of simplifying the inventory elements and to control and monitor the inventory for the purpose of following up.  

§ Limiting the use of the inventory as the application of the digital code system contributes in treating the inventory data electronically. This facilitates the process of classifying and displaying it precisely and quickly.

§ The methods that are commonly used in coding the inventory commodity items.

§  The basic requirements and the characteristics for finding an effective code manual.

§   The advantages and the justifications of the coding system

Course contents:

§ The definition of the coding system and its range

§ The definition of the department of procurement and warehousing

§ The systems that are recognized internationally in the coding and the features of each one of them.

§  The different methods of coding and specifically in inventory control purposes.  

§ The features of coding

§ The basic requirements for building the code manual.

§ The basic requirements that are needed for building the code organizational structure as a guarantee for the validity of the application.

§  The problems and the challenges that are faced during the preparation and the designation process and the methods of addressing it.

§ The impact of discrimination, classification and numbering the commodity inventory items to prevent:

§ The error factors

§  The confusion and complications

§  Wasting time and effort that are caused by the multiplicity of these items and its resemblance and overlapping.

§ Preparing the purchase orders and offers via using the coding system.

§ Analyzing the inventory by the code

§  Extracting the administrative reports,  the control and the coding

§ Controlling the inventory by the code

§ Coding and indexing the computer inventory items

 Case study:

1.      Stages of code preparation

2.      Preparing a sample for the preparation process, designing a classification guide and numbering the inventory commodity items for serving the inventory purposes and applying the code system for one of the public institutions.