Applying Technology to Contracts and Purchasing

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2019-06-22 00:00:00 Cairo
2019-08-17 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-11-17 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh

 Who can benefit?

§ Managers and professionals involved in projects, contracts, purchasing, operations, maintenance, engineering, quality, and other company activities that expose them to suppliers and procurement activities for equipment, construction, services, maintenance, repair parts and operating expense related requirements.

Course Objectives:

§ Technological impact on supply chain, strategic sourcing & supplier relationships

§ Questions to ask to decide if Procurement makes sense for your organization

§ How other companies have successfully transformed supply management

§ Technology tools for Contracts and Purchasing

§ Steps and lessons learned in implementation technological based solutions

§  How to develop and implement the Procurement Strategy

§  Resources to increase their Knowledge and skill sets

Course outline

§ Comparing the Traditional and New Business Models:

§   The Brave New World of Procurement

§   Contracts and Purchasing is Changing Forever

§   Are You Ready For These Changes?

§ Putting Technological Zip into Purchasing and Contracts

§   Evolving e-Commerce Technologies

§  Evolution of the Internet & Web Terminology

§  Electronic-Based Systems
§ Electronic Data Interchange

§ Electronic Procurement Business Models

§   Sell-side Systems
§   Buy-Side Systems

§  Third-party Intermediaries, Portals, Marketplaces and e-hubs

§  Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Purchasing

§ Defining Procurement

§  The Major Components of Procurement

§  Major Benefits
§ Keys to "e" success

§ The Need for Process Change

§  Reengineering is a Must
§  The Basics of Reengineering
§ Implementing Change Management

§ Technology and Supply Chains

§  Understanding Supply Chain Management

§  e-Business Supply Chains
§   Case Studies

§ Technology Tools

§  Internet
§ Popular Uses of the Internet
§  Open Buying on the Internet

§ Portals and other Collaboration Tools

§ Types of Portals
§  Industry Specific Portals
§   Internal Portals
§ Email
§   Web Conferencing
§   eLearning

§   Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

§ Technology Tools for Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

§   Components of Supplier Relationship Management

§   Impact of Online SRM

§   Features to look for in SRM System

§ Strategic Sourcing Software

§  The components of Strategic Sourcing Software

§  Benefits of Strategic e-sourcing

§ Bids & Sourcing Optimization

§   Sourcing Optimization Software

§   Traditional Bidding vs Reverse Auctions

§   The Reverse Auction Process

§ Electronic Signatures

§   Defining Electronic Signatures

§  Tips for using electronic signatures

§ Data and Integration

§   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

§  The Challenges of Integration

§   The 3 Layers of Integration

§  Using Data Integration in Supply Management

§  Traditional Bidding vs Reverse Auctions

§ Developing the Procurement Strategy

§  Element to be considered

§  Contracting theories and the procurement Strategy

§  Contractor/Supplier relationships

§   Commodity Strategies

§   In sourcing or Outsourcing

§  Skills and Knowledge

§ Implementing Procurement

§  Establishing the Management environment

§  Steps in Defining and Implementing the Strategy

§  Lesson Learned in Implementing Procurement

§ Case Studies

§  By Purchasing Process
§  By type of Spend