Advanced Purchasing & Tenders Management

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2019-01-26 00:00:00 Turkey
2019-04-27 00:00:00 Cairo
2019-07-27 00:00:00 Dubai

 Who can benefit?

§  Senior buyers, purchasing agents, managers, directors, materials managers and executives who are responsible for supply management and purchasing.

Course object

§ The importance of performing purchasing gap analysis.

§ Advanced practices in key areas of organization, performance measurements, supplier relations, planning and specifying, procurement process, and supplier performance.

§ Knowledge of Continuous Improvement Programs

§ How to Develop Commodity Plans

§ Methods of Price and Cost analysis

§ Procedure for reporting total cost savings

§ Negotiation Planning and Strategies

§ How to develop a purchasing strategic plan

 Course outline

§ Introduction

§ Introduction

§  Winning and Purchasing as a core competency

§ Change and becoming more strategic
§ Purchasing Gap Analysis

§ Relations with other functions

§ How do other functions view Purchasing

§ Purchasing impact on the bottom line

§  How does Senior Management measure Purchasing

§ Purchasing accountability
§ Measuring purchasing performance

§ Price Indexes

§ Using published Commodity Price Indexes

§ Developing a company Purchase Price Index

§ Purchasing Skill Sets

§ Purchasing personnel required skill sets

§ Skill Set assessment process
§ Training programs
§ Professionalism
§ Time Spent on various tasks

§ Advanced Practices in Planning & Specifying

§ Benchmarking
§ Mission statement
§ RFQs/RFPs/Tenders

§  Purchasing and supplier involvement in early stages

§ Degree of automation

§  Developing an effective Electronic Procurement Strategy

§  Commodity coding

§   Process mapping to eliminate low value activities


§ Strategic Sourcing

§   Developing Spend Profiles

§ ABC analysis

§  Demonstration of using MS Excel Pivot tables

§  Strategic Planning for Repetitive Purchases

§   Tools for understanding commodity markets

§ Model Commodity/Service Plan

§ Global sourcing

§  The Global sourcing process

§  International labor rates comparison

§   Basic approaches to Global Sourcing

§ Advancing Supplier Relationships

§   Supplier categories
§ Strategic alliances

§  Supplier performance measurement

§   Supplier qualification and supplier recognition

§  Extended Enterprise Supply Management

§ Advanced Practices in Procurement Process

§   Eliminating low value added processes

§   Long-term agreements
§ Model agreements
§  Supplier reduction programs
§  Inventory reduction programs

§ Cost Reduction Initiatives

§ Total Cost of Ownership concepts
§ Determining supplier value added
§ Cost reduction reporting procedure
§  Value Analysis
§ Target Costing
§ Activity Based Costing

§ Price and Cost Analysis

§  Model for selecting analysis methods

§  Methods of Price analysis
§ Methods of Cost Analysis

§ Total Cost Modeling of the Supply Chain Concepts

§ Advanced Negotiation Planning and Strategies

§  Holding competitive discussions before final negotiations

§  Identifying negotiation Issues and objectives

§  Preparing a negotiation plan
§  Bargaining techniques

§ Bargaining Tactics and their Countermeasures