Project Management from Idea to Implementation & Beyond

Place- الموعد Date - المكان
2017-03-26 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-09-24 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-11-26 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
Who Can Benefit?

§ Those who are looking for formal project management training

Course Objectives:

§ Understand the key principles for project management success

§ Determine the main benefits of project management

§ Use the tools of project management

§ Determine the concepts and terms of project management

§ Start and complete a project: A step by step:

§ Project Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting (determine how to do the project)

§ Develop (do one right)

§ Project Implementation and Controlling (do all when right)

§ Project Close Out (Terminating) and Evaluation

Course Outline:

§ What Is a Project?

§ Definition and characteristics of a project and how it differs from other forms of endeavor;

§ The 3 dimensions of project objectives;

§ The "Key Drivers" of a project;

§ The "4 Project Management Steps";

§ Top-down defined versus bottom-up planning philosophy;

§ Finding the right combination of factors;

§ The typical parameters used to measure a project are not the right parameters to manage it

§ The Skills of a Project Manager

§ Interpersonal Skills (leadership, team building, etc.)

§ Mechanical Skills (planning, estimating, resource acquisition, etc.)

§ Project Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting (determine how to do the project)

§      Why plan?

§ Putting together a project plan

§ The requirements definition

§ Writing the project goal

§ Important elements of the goal

§ Tasks and subtasks

§ Rules for brainstorming

§ Work breakdown structure (WBS)

§ Using a WBS for cost mapping

§ Time allocations

§ Costs estimations

§ Resource requirements

§ Obtaining resources for your project

§ Assigning resources to your project

§ Motivating resources for project success

§ Project Risk assessment

§ Sensitivity(the "What If") analysis

§ The 80/20 rule

§ Develop (do one right)

§ Training (as needed)

§ Prototype

§ Test (Unit, Integration, User)

§ Pilot

§ Project Implementation and Controlling (do all when right)

§ Crash Path Analysis

§ Resource loading and leveling

§ Project status reporting

§ Project Baseline Management

§ Configuration Management

§ Managing change

§ Trade off analysis

§ Project Cost control

§ Types of budget

§ Project Spend Plan

§ Earned value management system

§ Project Close Out (Terminating) and Evaluation

§ Timing of project termination

§ Project post mortem questions

§ Phase out plan

§ Lessons learned report

§ Post-project

§ Objectives met?

§ Budget sign-off

§ Customer appraisal

§ Project review document

§ Team reassigned

§ Transfer of responsibilities