Modern secretary Skills

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2017-02-05 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-07-02 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-10-01 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh

 Who can benefit?

§ Executive Secretarial and Personal Assistants of Directors

§ Senior Managers where the post necessitates a high level of organization and decision-making

§ Secretaries, who are responsible for the work of more junior staff

Course Objective

§ Understand their own organization and the business environment in which it operates

§ Recognize their professional role as part of the management team

§ Develop strategies for planning and organizing their work, including diary management techniques, making and confirming bookings

§ Adopt a systematic approach to decision making and problem solving

§ Assess their own interpersonal skills in order to communicate more effectively at all levels, both face to face and on the telephone

§ Prepare an action plan to implement on return to work

Course content

§ Workshop Introduction

§ Introductions and ground rules

§ Communication skills

§ Body language

§ Manager / Secretary communications

§ Communicating with the boss

§ Team working

§ Team communications

§ The Role of the Secretaries

§ The structure of organizations and the business environment in which they operate

§ The management team and the secretary's or administrator's role within it

§ The importance of role interpretation - understanding and responding to each other's needs

§ Understanding each other's role

§ Principles and practices of good organization

§ Planning and prioritising

§ Delegation skills

§ General Paperwork and Diary Management

§ Short and long term planning

§ Setting priorities and event planning

§ Adopting a systematic approach to work methods.

§  Written communication, including layout, punctuation and grammar

§ The writing process for reports, letters, memos and e-mail

§ How to deal with general paperwork

§ Filing systems - considering the requirements and setting them up

§ Diary management techniques

§  Time Management & Customer Service

§ Managing meetings

§ Time stealers

§ Managing interruptions

§ Stress management

§ Using the telephone effectively

§ Identifying internal and external customers

§ Agreeing customer requirements

§ Customer satisfaction

§ Continuous improvement

§ Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

§ Decision making skills

§ Problem solving

§ Projecting a professional image

§ Assertiveness techniques

§ Confidence building

§ Action plan for self development