Finance & Accounting for Office Administrator & Secretaries

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2019-02-10 00:00:00 Cairo
2019-06-23 00:00:00 Dubai
2019-08-25 00:00:00 Sharm el-Sheikh
Who Can Benefit?

§ Secretaries

§ Office administrators

§ Personal assistants

§ Executive assistants

§ Administrative professionals

§ Administration support staff

Course Objectives

§ Develop the skills and knowledge required in support of their personal development and roles within their organisations

§ Appreciate the importance of the accounting and finance function with regard to its links with every part of the organisation, and its suppliers, customers, shareholders, lenders, and society in general.

§ Develop a clear understanding of finance and accounting terminology thereby allowing them to make a valuable contribution to the workplace in meetings or in a supportive role.

§ Develop a clear understanding of accounting methods including bookkeeping

§ Preparation of financial statements (Profit & Loss Account, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements).

§ Basic interpretation of financial statements budgeting costing

 Course Outline 

§ Introduction to Finance and Accounting

§ What is Finance and what are the major sources of Long-term and Short-term finance?

§ What is Accounting and the differences between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting?

§ Bookkeeping – Recording Financial Transactions

§ Depreciation – the various methods and their impact on profit


§ The Financial Statements

§ Preparing basic financial statements – the Profit & Loss Account (Income Statement); the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement

§ Key elements – Defined and Explained

§ Profit

§ Revenue & Capital Expenditure

§ Assets – Fixed & Current

§ Liabilities – Current & Long-term

§ Working Capital

§ Net Worth

§ Profit and Cash – what is the difference?

§ Annual Reports & Accounts

 Basic Evaluation of Financial Statements

§ Basic Ratio Analysis in order to assess performance:

§ Profitability
§ Liquidity
§ Operating
§ Gearing

§ The Cash Flow Cycle and Working Capital

§ Valuing a company – Book Value versus Market Value

§ Costing & Budgeting

§ What is the Cost of Production – Marginal and Total Costing explained

§ FIFO; LIFO and AVCO Explained

§ Marginal Costing and Break-Even Analysis

§ What-if Analysis

§ Budgets

§ The Benefits & Limitations of Budgets

§ The Essential Features of Budgets

§ Types of Budgets

§ Basic forecasting techniques

§ Preparing a departmental budget

§ Comparing actual performance with the budget - Variance Analysis