Leadership & Decision-Making

Place- الموعد Date - المكان
2017-04-02 00:00:00 Cairo
2017-09-03 00:00:00 Dubai
2017-12-03 00:00:00 Casablanca
     Course Objectives: 

§ Understand the leadership competencies and attributes.

§ Distinguish between decision making and problem solving processes

§ Identify obstacles to decision making processes

§ Identify thinking skills and verbal behaviors that promote and hinder decision making

§ Identify and apply the tools used in the decision making processes

§ Distinguish between the value of team and individual decision making

§ Define the role and key actions of the facilitator

§ Recognize the accountabilities and responsibilities for organizational decision making

    Who can benefits?

Leaders and decision makers are not limited to top management in an organization.

This seminar appeals to individuals at all levels of authority in all kinds of organizations: corporate, academic, governmental, and service.


    Course Outline:

 § Leadership

§  Functions of Management

§ Knowledge, Skills & Competencies

§ Traits of a Leader

§ Leadership Attributes

§  Situational Leadership

§ The Equity theory

§ The Contingency theory

§ Analyzing Decision Making

§ Identifying Decision-Making Styles

§  Types of Decision-Making

    Reaching a Decision

§ Deciding Whom to Involve in a Decision

§ Using Analytical Methods

§ Generations Ideas

§ Developing Creative Thinking

§ Assessing the Validity of Ideas

§ Gathering Information

§ Forecasting the Future

§ Minimizing Risks

§ Making your Decision

§ Implementing a Decision

§ Communicating a Decision

§ Discussing the Progress of a Decision

§ Overcoming Objections

§ Monitoring Progress

§ Problem Solving

§ Steps to Problem Solving

§ Steps to Problem Solving