Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

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2017-04-09 00:00:00 Malaysia
2017-09-10 00:00:00 Turkey
2017-12-10 00:00:00 Dubai


Course Objectives:

§ Develop a plan to achieve the goals he wants for you and your company.

§ Understand how to change himself and his organization from letting things happen to making things happen the way he wants

§ Develop Strategic thinking in his organization.

§ Determine where he and his company wants to be.

§ Develop a Strategic plan for himself personally, himself professionally and his` organization.

§ Develop Strategic thinking that will allow him to achieve success in any endeavor.

§ Examine the keys to successful implementation

§ Develop a measurable action plan that drives success.

§ Identify, measure, and track critical success factors

Course Outline:

§ Management of the strategic process as a matter of corporate survival

§ How you think: Are you simply allowing things to happen, or are you making them happen the way you want?

§  What is a Strategic Plan?

§  How you think?

§ Passion for Succeeding

§ Business Model

§ Setting the Right Goals the Right Way

§ Measurements

§ Continuous Improvement

§ Two key roles

§ Strategic Planning

§ What is important?

§ Vision

§  Values

§ Mission Statement

§ Competition

§ SWOT analysis

§ Marketing, Sales and Production

§ Internal and external evaluation

§ Who are our customers (internal and external)?

§ Who are our Suppliers (internal and external)?

§  What are our competitor's strengths and weaknesses?

§ Trends

§ Market plan

§ Sales plan

§ Production Plan

  § Finances

§ Overhead

§  Variable costs

§ Cost of

o   Quality (poor quality/good quality/great quality)

o   Time
o   Labor

o   Floor space/inventory

o   Other costs?

o   Breakeven analysis

§ Bringing It All Together

§ Develop Action plans

§  The importance of measurements/trends

§  Accountability

 § The importance of Strategic Planning aligned throughout an organization