Boiler operations

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2019-04-27 00:00:00 Turkey
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Who Can Benefit?

§ All technical categories of personnel who deals with boilers and industrial safety cadres. Junior design engineers and boiler inspection engineers and technicians are typical attendants too

Course Objectives.

Boilers are hazardous piece of equipment to operate. It is vital that operation engineers and technicians obtain the necessary information about safe preparation, start-up, operation, trouble shooting and shut down in a proper way. The course provides the responsible personnel with the specific knowledge they need.

    Course Outline.

§ Boiler principles of operation.

§ Types (fire – tube / water – tube boilers).

§ Boiler Safety.

§ Major causes of boiler explosions.

§ Boiler safeguards and interlocks.

§ Alarm and annunciators.

§  Preparation for Startup.

§ Fundamental procedures for boiler startup.

§ Verifying the fuel supply.
§ Verifying the water supply.
§ Lining up the fuel system.

§ Lining up the condensate and feed-water system.

§ Lining up the air system.
§ Starting the auxiliary systems.

§ Boiler Startup.

§ Basic startup procedures for a typical boiler.

§ Selecting the appropriate fuel supply.

§ Placing the control stations in the "hand" position.

§ Starting the forced draft fan.

§ Purging the boiler.

§ Adjusting the forced fan control station.

§ Preparing the ignitor for operation.

§ Starting the burner.

§ Adjusting the fuel and forced draft fan control stations to automatic operation.

§ Bringing the boiler up to normal operating temperature and pressure.

§ Boiler Malfunctions & troubleshooting.

§ Abnormal conditions.
§ Boiler routine inspection

§ Normal Shutdown Procedures

§ Basic shutdown procedure.

§ Placing the combustion control system in manual.

§ Decreasing the firing rate.

§ Depressing "emergency stop" pushbutton.

§ Shutting down the auxiliary systems.