Electrical Preventive Maintenance

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Who Can Benefit?

§  The course curriculum is designed Especially for Electric Power Engineers

§   Plant Engineers

§   Apprentice Electricians

§   Journeyman Electricians

§   Maintenance Technicians

§   Supervisors and Inspectors

Course Objectives:

§  Identify the function and operation of the electrical equipments.

§  Identify components of a successful electrical preventive maintenance program.

§  Determine the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for electrical troubleshooting.

§  Safely and correctly verify a circuit is de-energized.

§  Distinguish between the different types of electrical maintenance.

§  Perform proper maintenance on substations Equipment.

§  Identify different types of transformers.

§  Perform proper maintenance on transformers.

§  Identify and perform proper maintenance on H.V. Switchgear and Underground Cables 

§  Observe power quality problems and troubleshooting techniques for facility distribution systems and three-phase loads.

§  Be ready to read and interpret electrical diagrams.

Course Outline:

§ Overview of Electrical Systems.

·         Basic Elements of Electrical Generation

·          Transmission & Distribution systems.

§ Introduction to engineering maintenance

·         Background

·         Maintenance and Maintenance Engineering Objectives

·         Maintenance Facts and Figures

·         Engineering Maintenance in the 21st Century

·           Maintenance Terms and Definitions

       §  Preventive Maintenance

·           Preventive Maintenance Elements

·           Plant Characteristics in Need of a PM

·            Program, and a Principle for Selecting Items for PM

·            Important Steps for Establishing a PM Program

·            PM Measures

·           Mean Preventive Maintenance Time (MPMT)

·           Median Preventive Maintenance Time (MDPMT)

·           Maximum Preventive Maintenance Time (MXPMT)

·            PM Models

·            PM Advantages and Disadvantages

§  Engineering Services For Substations

·           Content & Subdivision of Engineering Services

·           Continuous Operation Readiness of E. Equipments

·           The Equipment Technical State

·           Technical Maintenance of Equipment

·           Maintenance Main Activities

·           Factors Affecting Maintenance Planning

§   Transformer Construction, Operation And Maintenance

·            Safe areas.

·            Insulating Media

·             Electrical Bushings

·           Load Tap Changers

·           Loading and Thermal Performance

·           Transformer Connections

·           Transformer Testing

·           Load-Tap-Change Control and Transformer Paralleling

·           Power Transformer Protection

·            Transient-Voltage Response

·           Transformer Installation and Maintenance

·           Problem and Failure Investigation

·           On-Line Monitoring of Liquid-Immersed Transformers

§ H.V. Switchgear and Underground Cables.

·          H.V. Switchgear Installations

·          Power Circuit breakers

·         Construction and Operation of Typical C.B.

·         Circuit Breakers Maintenance, Inspection And Service

·         Testing of High Voltage A.C. Circuit-Breakers

·          Circuit Breaker Performance

·          Cable Types

·         Conductor and Insulating Materials

·         Typical Constructions of UC

·          Cables Joints

·         Cable Maintenance

§ Troubleshooting Of Three Phase System

·          Identify and Repair Short Circuits Faults.

·          Locate and Fix Ground Faults.

·         Testing and Troubleshooting of Magnetic and Control Devices.

·         Using Electrical Troubleshooting Charts.

·         Troubleshoot and Repair Control Circuits and Magnetic Devices.

§ Reading Electrical Diagrams

·          American Standard Graphic Electrical Wiring Symbols.

·          Wiring Diagram Examples.

·          Identify Color Coding